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Poor building construction can have severe consequences. It can not only lead to massive lossee, but it also endangers the life of its occupants. This is the reason why building codes have been set in place. They are basically a set of rules that govern the construction activities throughout a country. They define how the building should be designed and eventually built. Adherence to the latest building codes provides assurance that the building has met the minimum standards of safety. In turn, this guarantees the wellfare of its residence. To ensure that all building codes in your project have been met, it is important to carry out a building code review. The review will vary from one project to another. However, there are some basic steps you can follow to help you confirm the critical information. Following the below steps will help you have avoid costly changes in the future.

Confirm the Occupancy Classification
The building occupancy classification is one of the first things that you need to know about your building project. This refers to the process of categorizing building structures as per their usage. This is a primary factor when it comes to the enforcement of building codes. There are several occupancy types such as assembly, business, education and factory among others each of which are given a different group name. It is important to understand the difference between the various occupancy types. This is essential because ecen though two project may appear similar, they might be of different occupancy types. Also, this will dictate all the other activities of the project. Hence, it’s good to perform a building code review to identify a wrongly classified occupancy type.

Confirm the Sprinkler Systems
The main concern of building codes is to promote safety of the occupants. It also concerns itself with property protection. As such, fire protection is a main area of focus in a building project. Sprinkler systems therefore form an important step in a building code review. While not always a requirement for each building code, it can be advantageous to your project. This is in that it will ease the restrictions and requirements in other parts of the project. This is because they offer fire protection. Hence, by having one, you may not need other fire protection mechanisms such as fire rated walls and ceilings among others which will make your project easier.

Check the Construction Type
The construction of a building seems like a standard process. However, there actually exist more than one ways of constructing a building. Basically, there are five different construction types as defined by the International Building Code. Every construction type defines a set of things inluding the materials that can be used and how flammable they can be.

Check the Building Height and Number of Stories
Another thing that you should pay attention to during the building code review is the allowable number of number of stories and height for your building. This is normally determined by the type of occupancy and construction that has been set for your building. This can as well be affected by other real world factors.

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